“There are no limits to our capacities because we have the Infinite Divine within us”- Sri Chinmoy

Climbing is not a sport that everyone in the world takes up - but for the few that do, the rewards are rich.

Climbers will often speak of the confidence and determination gained from their efforts, the thrill of making a summit, the camaraderie born of team effort and shared experience amongst those who accept the challenge. Climbers often talk of the exhilaration that comes as a result of the mountain environment - a spiritual experience that can often only be felt and rarely adequately described.

Among the members of the global Sri Chinmoy Centre, there are some hardy souls that love to climb - an activity that their spiritual teacher, Sri Chinmoy, encourages them to pursue. The qualities that one needs for climbing - such as fitness, concentration, determination, awareness and wisdom - are very much on a parallel with qualities needed for progress to be made in the spiritual life.

The members of our International Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team are trying to transcend their own “limits” in many ways and mountain climbing is one of them. They have done many climbs in different parts of the world, reaching high in North and South America, in the Himalayas, Alps…

This is their contribution in our effort to inspire you to reach deeper within your self and transcend your own capacities.

Mountaineering and Climbing Links


Individual Members:

  • Jowan Gauthier from Canada has some very nice photo galleries on the Sri Chinmoy Centre
  • How to Climb Everest - the Spiritual Way - Australian journalist Noivedya Juddery interviews Anugata Bach - one of the Sri Chinmoy Climbing Teams most experienced climbers. An avid tennis player and veteran athlete who has swum the English Channel, completed several ultramarathon races and run across the Sahara Desert, Anugata reveals how spiritual disciplines such as regular meditation keep him inspired and looking toward a shot at the big one - Mount Everest.


Spirituality is
Inner mountain-climbing.
- Sri Chinmoy.


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