Sri Chinmoy

Our inspiration is Sri Chinmoy’s selfless offering to humanity. Through his meditations, books, aphorisms, talks, concerts, music, art and sport achievements he guides us inwardly and outwardly and we are deeply grateful to him. We will try to share as much as we can from this wealth with you.


Inspirational links:

Since coming to the West in 1964, Sri Chinmoy has expressed his spiritual philosophy abundantly through his more then 1,500published works. He offers an entire way of life that encompasses meditation, creativity, physical health and service to humanity.

-Inspired by Sri Chinmoy's teachings and own personal example, students of his have established many branches of the Sri Chinmoy Centre all over the world. Meditation classes, musical concerts, running and athletic events, poetry and artistic exhibitions are just a few of the activities that students of Sri Chinmoy offer in this light. All meditation classes are offered free of charge at Sri Chinmoy's own request, in the conviction that spirituality is a universal birthright, that can never be bought or sold. Should you feel inspired to attend a free meditation workshop, please contact the Centre nearest to your place of residence.

The Library contains a selection of Sri Chinmoys poetry that has been published since the early 1970's.

-Listen to spiritual music online.Sri Chinmoy believes that music is next to meditation. At his prayerful concerts, he performs his own soul-stirring compositions on a vast array of instruments including esraj, sitar, flute, cello, violin, harmonium, piano and pipe organ. He also sings his songs in Bengali and English.

-Rare opportunity to watch a live spiritual Master in his day to day multifarious activities. The camera allows you to enjoy a front row seat at many of his public and private events around the world. In Sri Chinmoy's presence, we may be inspired to dive deep inside ourselves and discover boundless peace, light and bliss.